Independent Parking System


Whether you’re the owner of a public parking structure or just want to make the most out of your private garage, DAR has a selection of premium parking lifts to truly maximize your work space. We offer both two-post,four-post and Tilting Parking Lift configurations with the smallest footprints possible. As with every ADR product, safety and durability are our primary concern, so these rugged, compact parking lifts feature automatically engaging spring-actuated locks, plenty of hard-working muscle for busy garages and ergonomic operator controls for superior ease-of use.


● Multiple intelligent operating functions , can adjust different rise angle of platform,easy to park and pick up cars.

● Platform can achieve smoothly forward, backward ,rise and descend of different functions.

● Adopt two units or multi units hydro-cylinder,can meet different customer’s parking requirements.

● Adopt hydraulic balance system , stable operation , safe and reliable.

● Share the column , saving installation space mostly .

● Low maintenance costs

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