Series Tire Changer for Passenger Car / Light Truck Wheels

User's friendly design, capable for rim size up to 26 inches (internal clamping), tilt column with slider arm, reliable and high performance tire changer, fully compatible with popular tires made by all major tire manufactures worldwide. For high-end applications, optionally add our TCDD, TCAA, TCAD devices to extend capability in its class.


  • Mount/demount head away from rim during operatio

  • Bead blaster in chuck sliders

  • Pneumatic head lock

  • High power bead-breaker blade follows bead to inside contour

  • High-torque two way rotation turntable

  • Rim self-centering chuck

  • Horizontal sliding mount/demount arm with pneumatic lock

  • (synchronize with head lock).

  • Pneumatic tilt column with pedal control

  • Two pneumatic cylinders for clamping

  • Equipped with pressure regulator with filter dryer

  • Built in machine IT device

  • Bead blaster in chuck sliders

  • Inflation control pedal + Bead blaster control

  • Inflating air tank equipped

  • Variable direction bead breaker blade

  • Function of TCDD unit to extend capability of

  • Upgraded application (see features of TCDD)


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